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Who is Tailor Made Hotel Interiors?

We are an interior contractor that for thirty years has been exclusively dedicated to luxury hotels, for new buildings and renovations. We design and create interiors for prestigious hotels, we are creators of boutique hotels, with custom-made, turnkey furnishings. We take care of the furnishings for: rooms, common areas, bars and restaurants. Where? City, sea, lake, countryside, mountain. Wherever there is a hunger for beauty.

Ours is a Made in Italy

Our Made in Italy is dedicated
to international Top
under the sign of differentiation.

Furniture for hotel rooms
Interiors for the Horeca market
Complete renovation of luxury hotels

First of all, we listen to you. Comparing your aspirations is our first step because our desire is to make your dream come true. We design and create custom-made furniture always taking into consideration the available budget. We offer creativity, originality, concreteness and precision.

We add value to your hotel. We are the idea makers and creators of projects FF&E addressed towards the hospitality industry.

Our highly, specialized, competent and extremely experienced staff is able to elaborate creative solutions in which we emphasize quality, research and design. The capillary research of the raw materials combined with the latest modern technological machines guarantee the realization of material with notable thickness.

We operate in the following sectors: Hotels & Resorts, Administration, Commercial, Residential, Naval and Governmental.

We apply to hoteliers, real estates, investors who have to refurbish their 4- or 5-stars hotel in Italy and all over the world.

We occupy ourselves with new constructions and building renovations.

We offer very high quality fused with the creation of exclusive places up to date with the latest trends. Because of our technical experts and the latest numerically product controlled technical machines, we are prepared to produce an elevated, industrial number of furnishings, optimizing times and costs.

The furniture in the common areas often has an artisan preparation. We use the best, highest quality raw materials possible. We scrupulously manage our projects starting from our sketches and conceptual idea. We proceed with cost analysis, and the realization of mockup rooms. We assist our clients in the different procedures till the implemented finished project. The various environments are prepared on site while we are producing the furnishings.

We concern ourselves with transport and installation. We prepare the documents and certifications for custom clearance. A competent team will assemble and install all the elements of the whole project on site. From the beginning we maintain a severe monitor of the project work timetable to ensure the maximum reliability, a constant cooperation and seriousness of contract, always respecting the fixed deadlines and budget. After the inspection, customer control and satisfaction of the finished project, we remain in contact and are able to provide a maintenance contact as well if so desired.

We are a present and dynamic interlocutor that works with passion which offers keys in hand proposals, tailored to our client’s measurements. We examine the common spaces and the guestrooms and personally occupy ourselves with the floors, walls, furniture, fabrics and lighting. Our priority is the dialogue with our clients to ensure the best, sensible, aesthetic and rationally constructive realized outcome of their needs.

The 5 pillars of the THI Tailor-Made Hotel Interiors Method in 5 steps

1) Consulting and ProjectConcept Drawing; Creation of the Concept, Renders and Technical Drawings. Avant-garde Design, Budget Estimation.
2) Production phaseA) Carpentry Furniture
Industrial Carpentry: Modern technology machineries are used to create furniture for the room and all repeated items.
Handcraft Woodworking: structure for the construction of the counters for the bars, buffets, receptions, wooden wall boiseries, all the unique pieces, prototypes.

B) Doors
Tailor-made Fire-proof doors (Rei 30-45-60) and acustic wooden doors for entrance hotel rooms. Doors for the bathrooms (swing and sliding) and fire doors for the corridors (Rei 120)

C) Floors
Carpet, Parquet in wood or laminate. Italian porcelain tiles of the last trends, each kind of marble and granites, real and synthetic.

D) Walls
Painting, decorating, wallpaper, woven fabric, bespoke wood paneling.

E) Beds
Spring mattresses, latex mattresses, ortopaedic sommiers, spring sommiers, netting, cushions.

F) Lighting
Lighting for the rooms (wall fittings, led reading lamps) also complete lighting for places with large areas such as chandeliers that are authentic works of art.

G) Fire Proof tissues
Trevira Cs Fabrics for the curtains, the seats and the quilted or simple bedspreads and runners.

H) Curtains and bedspreads
Curtains for the bedrooms and common areas: fire-proof decorative, black-out, veil and pelmet.
Bespreads may be quilted or simple. Runners for the beds.

I) Upholstery
Custom made sofas, sofa beds, bed headboards, benches, chairs, ottomomans. Production tailor made.

J) Complements
Minibars, safes, hair-dryers, mirrors and much more.
3) Project ManagementProject Management:
Diligent coordination in accordance with planning programs. Coordination with its own workers and those of the Client, if applicable.
Quality checks before packaging the goods a d subsequent loading onto containers or trucks.
4) LogisticsA) Packaging
Creation of the most suitable packaging to ensure safe transport.

B) Transport
Loading containers or trucks. Documents for customs formalities and insurance

C) Assembly
Installation with specialized workers. Site manager present on site.
5) After sale serviceMaintenance agreement for twelve months from the end of the assembling

If you plan to furnish the rooms of your hotel, your villa or a prestigious boutique, contact us and fill out the form below.
Thanks to our know-how and 30 years of experience, we work concretely to achieve quick and excellent results with you with the ZERO STRESS formula:

You don’t have to think about anything, We will take care of everything