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Fish Club was born at rue du Boulevard Hevéqique 27 in Geneva, a few steps from the famous rue du Rhône, a hub for international luxury shopping.

The owner is a seafood connoisseur.

He knows the preferential toutes to obtain all types of fish and seafood
in order to be able to offer his customers authentic tase delights.
The excellent products and high-level specialties required refines, original and elegant furniture.

Beyond the privileged location, the site before the work was very intimidating and dilapidated. The walls were in ruins, and everything smelled old.

It was absolutely necessary to create a “suit” for this horrible ceiling, full of cables and pipes. A two-level false ceiling with recessed spotlights and cornices equipped with led for indirect light have radically changed the appearance, immediately bringing a fresh and current look. The painting was done with a matte product in a white color with a slight touch of light gray.

The goal of the owner is to present seafood products, fresh, canned, frozen and in the form of decoration.
The need was therefore felt to use all the walls to house shelves of different sizes.

All the shelves were equipped with Leds in the frontal part in order to properly illuminate the products on sale. Each display case was divided into four zones vertically.

The panels were produced with a significant thickness to create a striking aesthetic image.

In the center of the eleven-meter-long shelves, a magnificent acquarium has been inserted to house lobsters.

The protagonist of the entrance is undoubtedly the large, refrigerated counter which offers an exhibition of fresh fish and all the delicacies of the sea.

Considering that fish, shells and seafood present a wonderful and unprecedented range of colors, the choice of total black for the furniture and walls was made very willingly, without hesitation.

Marquinia back marble finish porcelain stoneware in the glossy version was used to cover the counter and the “free” walls, without shelves. The large-format tiling helped to make the counter and enrance area imposing, distinctive and bright. It looked like a huge black mirror in which a thousand of colors were reflected, creating playful decorations.

A geometric insight was achieved with a covering of highly innovative Mutina tiles, in black and white, with a matte finish.

The tailor-made furniture of the Big Fish Boutique is young and elegant and corresponds exactly to what was needed for the type of clientele of this premises, proud to frequent this place.

Customers can taste on site or opt for a takeaway service.
This store is appreciated for its original and dynamic appearance.
We can say that it is an authentic fish and seafood jewelry store.