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Furnishing of hotel and restaurant in the mountains Lac Retaud (altitude 1685 meters) Canton Vaud-an authentic jewel in the Vaud Alps in Switzerland. The Alpine Lake reflects the blue mountain sky with dark fir trees on the shores. We admire the summit of the Diablerets glacier (3,000 meters)

The mountain is something very different from the sea, the city and the countryside! At the foot of a massif, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of a unique and idyllic panorama. Here the places, the temperatures, the activities are different. When furnishing a mountain restaurant or mountain hotel furniture, the priority is to provide comfort using wood, stone and warm fabrics. We need to create a friendly environment, full of dynamism and with accurate colors on the walls. The concept of a mountain hotel, the furniture of a mountain resaturant need a chic and welcoming design, not without some hints of contemporaneity. It is necessary that every element used denotes comfort and warmth. We must manage to obtain a good balance between tradition and the modern vein. Elegant certainly but without pomp and above all never too “mountain-like”. The colours, furnishings and materials become the protagonists.
The walls were covered with a fine tweed fabric directly on site by expert master upholsterers.
From floor to ceiling, without neglecting the walls, everything must speack of warmth and warm you soul. The seatsare equipped with a large seat, the benches are there to welcome you comfortably with their fabrics that are very soft to the touch, which your fingers can caress. Everywhere your eyes reach, a combination of wood, with an “aged” look with piches of stones here and there will please your eyes.
In winter the only communication route is often covered with a thick blanket of snow and traffic is impossible.

Arriving at the construction site by snowmobile is truly an injection of adrenaline. You never forget it. Small madness, freedom, passion, creativity.