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In contract design and more specifically regarding hotel room furniture, it is not at all rare to see examples of pure improvisation.

Absolutely to be avoided.

This applies both to the layout of high-end hotels with a 5-star classification and to structures with a medium-high level and to hotel residences.

The layout of hotel rooms should be designed not only to provide good sleep but also as an emotional place above all. Furniture for hotel rooms must provide comfort as well as excellent bedding to ensure excellent rest.

Hotel rooms Furniture: furnishings

It is important to plan ahead. Today’s fashion is already old tomorrow. In the choice of raw materials, novelties are welcome provided that, beyond the fascinating visual impact, they ensure solidity and good durability. Specific furniture intended for hotel room furnishings undergoes numerous requests from customers and sometimes also from staff who use very aggressive cleaning products.

So, let’s analyze. We must first ask ourselves for what type of end user this hotel furniture is intended, which refers to the supply of the hotel contract in question. If it is a business hotel concept, a large, a work area with an efficiency lighting will be necessary. Power outlets for recharging mobile phones and laptops should not be missing. A good wifi connection will be very appreciated. The business hotel guest’s stay will be brief so the dressing room in the business hotel room will not need to be enormous. All you need is a wardrobe area and a surface with a few shelves.

A safe with the dimensions to house a desktop, will be attached to one of these shelves, at an adequate height which allows use without having to bend over.

The cabinet can be open or have doors.

Now take the case of having to realize a concept for a mountain hotel or design furniture for the leisure and wellness sector.

On the other hand, when we create a concept for mountain hotel furniture or for spa hotel, the tailor-made dressing rooms will have to be more spacious and equipped with doors.

The queen of hotel furniture, in terms of bedroom, is undoubtedly the headboard that deserves a starring role. Particular attention should be devoted to it.

In all types of hotels, the guest enters the room with a suitcase.

Any custom furniture for hotel rooms must include a suitcase rack. Fixed or foldable this will be the decision of the fitter or interior designer. Of course, we must not pretend that the customer is doing acrobatics to put his suitcase on top of the wardrobe! Every action, every movement that the client makes must be confortable, simple and completely safe.

II. Hotel room furniture: Fabrics and the study of colors

Supplies for hotel rooms include the full range of fabrics and careful chormatic study. Fabrics that are intended for:

  • curtains, bedspreads, runners,
  • Covering the headboards of the bed (in the case of upholstered headboards),
  • chair upholstery,
  • chair upholstery,
  • sofa upholstery and various decoration cushions.

The study of color must give ample room for imagination. One enters a creative phase, in which playfulness, the flavor of freedom excel.

For all the experts in the field, who work with empathy and passion, this phase of work corresponds to a playful operation because it is fun and creative, even if it is sometimes time-consuming. Through color, we convey the emotions that will bring environments to life.

Balance, elegance, know-how, boldness-these elements will be part of the concept of these luxurious interiors. Color is a protagnosta in uìinterior design.

Textiles for the hospitality industry occupy an important place and must be fire retardant. An0optimal coordination between the various fabrics is necessary, and the ensemble must match well with the furniture finishes in the labergo rooms, the floor, the walls, and the ìceilingî.

III. Furniture for hotel rooms: the REI 30 doors (room entrance)

The furniture intended for bedrooms must provide a REI 30 fire-resistant entrance door, which guarantees safety in case of fire, Technical doors at the entrance to bedrooms can be customized, obtaining the same finish as the furniture or at any rate can have such a fixture that the match with the furniture in the room is harmonious.

The entrance dorado lock is usually electronic to facilitate control of entry and exit and to reduce operating costs. The system with proximity technology is the most widely used at present.

IV. Hotel room furnishings: lighting

In the overall layout of hotel rooms, it is worth devoting appropriate study to lighting. It starts with the spotlights there courtesy in the entrance hall. Above the two bedside tables should be two light sources: wall sconces or table lamps depending on your choice. The led lamp for reading is also recommended. A potent lamp should illuminate the desk work area while a floor lamp will complete the task. Very fascinating is the LED running around the head of the bed and inside the cabinets. This apprints a touch of luxury with minimal economic effort. Worth.

V. Hotel room furnishings: the choice of raw materials

For the high end, the furniture can be made from mutlistrate wood. This furniture is intended for a luxury alergo and hotel i classic style.

All existing woods can be used to make furniture. However, wood suffers the wear and tear of time even if hardening varnishes and treatments are used. Scratches over time may be visible on the veneer.

Furniture intended for hotel rooms can also be produced with melamico or laminate.

There is a very satisfactory range of the latest generation of melamics that are masterpieces of design. Aporo open, textural, timelessly colored, offer great originality. They enable room furnishings or a luxury boutique decor. The visual impact is excellent, and the product is sturdy anti-scratch and wear-resistant. Finally, the economic profile also gains as the price is attractive. With these materials, we achieve a finished product of great impact and efficiency.

Lacquered furniture

Lacquered furniture is very elegant and topical, A lacquered furniture is highly appreciated, not only from the visual point of view but also at the catto for its velvety characteristic. The color is chosen on RAL, Pantone, NCS folders, and the desired shade is obtained.


The tailor-made hotel room furniture allows to obtain your ideal room for Your staff who will be facilitated in maintenance and houseeping.

For the floor, we will choose a comfortable carpet with an individual design, or will it be better to opt for a parquet floor or even a stone-like sansstone?

This will depend on the location, culture, traditions and wishes of the operator.

Remember that what is beautiful today must also be beautiful tomorrow. Beauty lies in the harmony of forms, in well-dislocated volumes, in sobriety, in the right measure of boldness and pepper which must not be missing.
Beauty is simplicity, class and well-being and involves the soul and all the senses.
Beauty also brings economic success and increases your prestige.
The hotel guest deserves all this, he must feel like a king.